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A Large Number Of Commercial Moves Made Hassle Free With San Leandro Moving Company

Written By ferdy aja on Minggu, 23 Maret 2014 | 01.26

By Julio Riess

A business that is planning to relocate will find a San Leandro Moving Company that is competent and affordable. Two or more vans may be needed depending on the size of the company. For those businesses requiring temporary storage, everything is placed in large shipping containers.

Everything is wrapped with care to assure it will not be damaged in transit. Each box will be marked as to content. If professional packing is not used, most insurance companies will not cover the items being transported.

Professional moving requires packing in a way that wraps polished office furniture in heavy quilted blankets. Breakables are packed in wooden or rigid cardboard boxes. Soft goods are shipped in bags or boxes.

A piece of furniture that is an unusual shape will be put in a customized crate. Inside the moving truck are wooden bars attached to the walls. Large or heavy items will be secured to those bars with webbing.

The way a truck is loaded conserves as much space as possible. Small or thin items are placed between large items to use all available space. Handling an unusual item, such as a piano, requires the use of trolleys.

Older buildings present specific challenges. Some of the doors and windows are too narrow to allow large items to fit through them. The men will take measurements beforehand to plan what to do about the problem.

A moving company representative will visit the commercial site to consult with the business owner. After surveying the size of the move, he will give an estimate of cost. Estimates are usually requested from more than one mover.

Decisions may be made to leave some obsolete items behind. They can be picked up by a local charity or discarded. All things are measured to see how they will fit in the van. A list of all items will be kept. That way the business owner can verify that everything is delivered to the new site.

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