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A Man's Home Is His Castle - Be Sure To Defend It

Written By ferdy aja on Jumat, 21 Maret 2014 | 02.02

By Dallas Clark

Home Security entails many things more than what most people initially think of when the term is mentioned. While many would instantly think of the multitude of alarm systems on the market, there are also many practical steps that can go along with such systems that can help maintain the safety of your and help keep would-be intruders at bay.

The first line of defense is to make sure the weakest points of the house are secure enough. Most often, this means the windows. Houses with insecure windows are the most popular targets of thieves. A well-built window should be strong and have locks that work properly to keep a tight seal. Whenever you leave the house or turn in for the night, be sure to check that the windows are closed and locked, even the ones on upper levels. If a robber sees an opportunity, he'll likely find a way to reach it.

The next point of entry for a burglar would be the doors. The doors to your home should be sturdy enough to not be forced open with any ease, and the locks should be high-quality enough to resist tampering. If you keep a spare key outside your home, be mindful of where you hide. Under the welcome mat is not a recommended hiding place. You may also be at risk if you lose your keys in public. If your address is printed in any way on any part of your key ring, that can put you at very great risk.

For an extra measure of protection, many families opt to install a camera security system to monitor their homes while they're away. Many systems record and store the footage for later viewing, and some can even be accessed from a computer or smartphone, so you can check up on your property at times when you can't be present.

A more old-fashioned, but still reliable option is a good guard dog. A well-trained canine can do a great deal to protect your home from break ins and intruders. Many would-be robbers won't even try to break in to a home where they see signs of a large dog. The only downside is the responsibility that comes with caring for any type of animal, as well as the time and effort needed to train the dog.

Finally, we'll talk more about the aforementioned alarm systems. A good alarm can be successful to a degree, but their primary benefit is simply to scare off potential intruders. Displaying an alarm system prominently outside your home often means that thieves won't even bother trying to break in. But although this can be an effective tactic, burglar alarms on their own aren't enough to ensure that your home remains a safe, secure environment for you and your family. Be sure to take every precaution you can to stay secure.

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