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Chiropractor In Memphis Helps Locals Get Back And Shoulder Pain Relief Following Disease Or Accidents

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By Cody Rine

When someone is stricken with chronic pain in the shoulder or back, he or she may turn to a Memphis Chiropractor for help. First an exam should be performed to locate the source. Persistent pain can be caused by arthritis as an individual ages.

Osteoarthritis commonly occurs with age. It results in a narrowing of the shoulder joints. Cartilage is decreasing at the same time. That loss leads to pain in the shoulder.

The condition called bursitis affects the rotator cuff. When the bursa, a sac filled with liquid is infected, pain results. A bursa lies between skin or bone and a tendon.

The area can become inflamed and that causes the shoulder to hurt. Tendonitis can develop in the shoulder when the tendons are compressed. A fall can cause tiny lesions and lead to a painful condition.

Spinal adjustments to the spine can relieve the pressure and hurt. Chiropractic care begins with an assessment of the back and shoulder. However, adjustments are not the only thing that can help. Other care, for example cold laser, may be added to the plan.

A medical history is taken and a physical exam begins the assessment. Some cases require an x-ray. During care, you are seen as a person, not just a painful shoulder or back. This indicates that physical activities, nutrition and age are all taken into consideration.

Herniations are another concern people see a chiropractor about. The discs are gel-filled structures that lie between the vertebrae that make up the spinal column. If a vertebra ruptures it may press against a nerve and cause some degree of pain.

Upper back pain can be the result of an accident or stress and tension. A chiropractor reduces the severity of soreness regardless of cause. Two methods found to alleviate it are manual adjustments and decompression.

A chiropractor uses various techniques to ease the painful conditions that affect the back. A series of office visits will be scheduled to lessen the hurt. The goal is to return the client to work and other activities.

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