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Dallas Employment Lawyer Helps Those Affected By Negligence In The Workplace Causing Them To Be Injured

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By Rae Patricio

An employer in any industry is responsible for providing a workplace that is sanitary and safe to work in. If there is an electrical outlet in an office that sparks when the employee plugs something in, it is a danger and should be repaired. If there is an oily floor in a factory, according to any Dallas employment lawyer, it must be cleaned up in a timely manner.

An insurance policy should be carried that covers medical expenses in case of injury or death. The company will send an adjuster to assess the situation and discover any employer negligence. An employer who has had a previous warning may find himself financially responsible.

If the employee missed work as a result, wages should be covered. They should be paid at the same level he would have received if the injury had not happened. An attorney can negotiate a settlement or take the employer to court to collect.

Physical injuries are not the only thing covered by insurance. One other on-the-job circumstance may be compensated. If a woman is having to deflect the unwanted attention of her boss, that is not acceptable. An attorney can bring a case against him for sexual harassment.

This kind of uncomfortable situation can make doing her job impossible. If she loses her job as a result, her wages may be paid. This is when an employment lawyer can make all the difference between collecting what is fair, or giving up.

Often, the accidental injury or sexual harassment case does not end up in court. The threat of being sued is enough to rectify the situation. Medical bills will be paid.

If an employee reports sexual harassment and the employer fires her, she is entitled to collect damages. The conditions under which she works should be fair and comfortable. Certain conditions must be met.

An employee has the right to request repairs to correct hazardous conditions. A woman does not have to tolerate unwanted sexual advances at work. The employer is expected to step in and eliminate these workplace conditions. If he does not do so, that is considered negligence.

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