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Temper Tantrums Are Optional

Written By ferdy aja on Minggu, 23 Maret 2014 | 01.19

By Leanna Rae Scott

I:0:T In saying that tantrums are optional, I mean tantrums are not guaranteed in child rearing. Every possible temper tantrum is preventable-even in ADHD kids. Most parent advisers, however, will tell you that virtually every child throws tantrums.

This is just not true. Now I'm not saying these parenting advisers are telling you lies, either on purpose or otherwise - what I'm saying is that they just don't know - yet. I, personally actually naively believed this untruth for nearly ten years of my parenting career before I figured out it was wrong and then personally proved it wrong in my own life.

My first five children, as babies all threw tantrums...my last eight children didn't. My fifth baby, when he was just fourteen months old, was entirely free of throwing temper tantrums by about a week after I was able to figure out what I needed to change in my parenting techniques and teaching skills. That was more than thirty-four years ago. During all those years, I consistently, thoroughly, informally studied the reality of managing infant and child anger, coming up with many of my own insights about tantrums to share with other parents (for example, there are two types of tantrums: Type One and Type Two). While parenting children nonstop for more than 40 years, I developed unique strategies for infant anger management strategies, temper tantrum elimination and prevention, and highly effective discipline techniques.

I finally have finished raising my children, I have my bachelor's degree in psychology and women's studies as well as a Counseling Women Certificate completed. I have my first parenting book written, MegaMom's Wisdom for Tantrums: The Tantrum Book to End All Tantrums. In this book I share with parents the secrets to total prevention and total elimination of temper tantrums.

The universality of tantrums is a myth. Tantrums are actually optional. But now, parents everywhere can opt into a tantrum-free lifestyle.

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