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The Meanings Conveyed By Different Flowers

Written By ferdy aja on Senin, 31 Maret 2014 | 01.24

By Lizbeth Nathaniel

Without a doubt receiving flowers for gifts could give you that feeling of delight but not so much as confused when you are the one choosing what to give. You see there can be several types of flowers and colors too which individually comes with corresponding meanings. Check out some of them here.

For instance, when you order a dozen roses for your sweetheart on Valentine's Day, the color is very important. Red roses typically denote romantic love and beauty, which is why they are such a popular flower on this holiday. On the other hand, sending a bouquet of yellow roses might better indicate that you just wish to be friends. Pink roses might seem like a good choice for a woman, but these traditionally have been an expression of appreciation and thanks rather than having any romantic inclinations.

Sending out flowers as expression of sympathy could also generate a lot of choices for your flowers. With roses, what is often used in funeral arrangements are dark crimson and pink which is the same with lilies and mums. The more common flowers used which connote sympathy are white lilies mixed with other white blooms. Don't just send out those sympathy flowers just yet, of course because there are some religious groups who do not use flowers for their funeral services which is why you better check with the funeral home or house of worship first.

When a friend is sick, either in the hospital or perhaps at home, a gift of flowers can go a long way to helping bring some cheer. In general, choosing cheerful colors is the best way to go, and it's best to avoid flowers with strong scents or flowers with pollen as this can aggravate allergies. In addition, often when people are ill, strong smells can cause nausea, which you certainly do not want. Flowers such as roses and carnations typically are less problematic than other flower varieties.

Hospitals may be with some areas which do not allow flowers in just like in intensive care units so make necessary confirmations. You can then turn to your San Clemente florist for options like balloon bouquets or stuffed bear and get well balloon in a case where flowers are not allowed.

If you want to say you are sorry to someone, you may also send flowers. Several flowers actually come suitable for this very intention, and so saying "I'm Sorry" can indeed be expressed through flowers. In Dana Point, florists come ready with the traditional sign of asking for forgiveness - a bouquet of purple hyacinths. A lovely planted pot of hydrangeas also may convey regret.

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