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The Procedures To Follow When Hiring A New Jersey Divorce Lawyer

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By Jonathan Aban

You need to hire a lawyer to successfully file a divorce case. There are many law firms in New Jersey from which you can get one. Nevertheless, you have to follow some procedures in your venture of getting a New Jersey divorce lawyer.

First you need to fill a complaint for divorce form then submit it to the chancery division of the court. In most states, you will not have to pay much for the submission fee. Moreover, there might be other filing fees as well.

There is also the option of representing yourself especially if the case is simple and the divorcing couples are in agreement. The spouses have to make a written contract though. Even if you are representing yourself, it is still advisable to seek advice from a legal practitioner before you sign the contract.

Professional lawyers are necessary in extremely complicated cases. For instance, a case can involve difficulties in deciding who among the divorcing couples remain with family property. Ownership of joint investments and child custody can also prove to be a thorny issue. It is only a legal representative who can assist in that case.

Before you proceed, you should know how much hiring an attorney will cost you. In this and most states, the charges are an hourly stipend which differ with the lawyer hired in terms of the competency and reputation. The fees can be lowered for simpler cases.

The financial needs can be met by the other party legally called the payor spouse upon court approval. Proof that you need financial aid and the capability of your spouse are however, considered. Yours must be a genuine request and not an exploitative attempt. The amount you quote should also be in tandem with reality.

Hiring a divorce lawyer therefore ensures a smooth case filing process. For better results, choose the firm from which to hire the attorney wisely as one may have a chance of winning but lose due to incompetency.

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