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Illinois Public Marriage Records

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By Ben Kingsley

One of the open documents that residents of Illinois can access is the marriage records Illinois issues to the married individuals of the state. With this, those who need to get a copy of their marriage certificates can easily obtain it.

There are several reasons why residents of Illinois request for a copy of a marriage certificate. Dealing with any government request or transactions may call for a copy of such document especially if the request is all about the finances of the couple such as insurance of updates on their dependents. One important use of the said document is for genealogy research. The marriage certificate has information that is important in updating the family history records. If the couple decides to file for a separation, a marriage certificate has to be presented in order to proceed.

A marriage certificate in Illinois has details about the marriage of a couple. The names of both the bride and the groom are indicated on the file. The date and the place where the marriage took place are also documented on the certificate. Additional information includes the names of the couple's parents as well as the names of the witnesses are included on the document. One would also know some of the personal details of the couple including their birth details as well as job information.

Only marriages that took place since January 1962 are available for request in the state of Illinois. Only the bride, the groom and their immediate family has the right to request for a copy of a marriage certificate. An authorization request or a court order has to be presented if one needs to access the records of other people. To verify one's relationship to the people on the file, the one who requested the document would have to provide their contact details on the request form together with the basic details of the document that is being obtained. All of the given information will be used to verify and document access to the said file.

The marriage certificates of Illinois are kept at the office of the Vital Records Section; however, the said office does not release a copy of such document. One has to go to the county clerk office in the county where the marriage was registered in order to get a copy of the said file. The state office only helps verify information and directs you to where the document can be requested. Verification fee would cost only $5, however a separate fee from the county office has to be paid and the fee would depend per county.

Using the Internet to request for a copy of a marriage record in Illinois is now possible. This makes the retrieval easy and convenient. Request for Public marriage records free of any service charges can even be done. This is possible with websites that offer a free trial period to their users. Users can then decide if they wish to proceed with the charged search after they have personally used the website's system for free.

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